Storm Greenwood – Devastated (Official Music Video)

The music video for ‘Devastated’ is a collaboration between Storm Greenwood and Katrin Blackwater. Sharing a love of the Pre-Raphaelites and a passion for ritual, this project brought together our influences, inspirations and skills for the first time.

The video takes the protagonist through a series of elemental ritual phases: 1) Air – inhabiting and mourning 2) Earth – descending and surrendering 3) Water – cleansing and resting 4) Fire – healing and emerging.

The colour palette is reflective of the phases of a bruise: Red, green and yellow and the images are an amalgamation of our shared and separate inspirations and experiences — our love for the Pre-Raphaelites, Katrin’s interest in Scottish folklore and performance work with Beltane Fire Society and Storm’s ritual processes.

The video was filmed over a weekend in September 2019 in Blackford Hill and Harlaw Reservoir in Scotland on a Pentax K-20 DSLR.
Music written and performed by Storm Greenwood
Video concept by Katrin Blackwater & Storm Greenwood
Video starring Storm Greenwood
Filmed and edited by Katrin Blackwater
Music engineered by Debby Friday
Music mastered by Theo Verney

Storm Greenwood is a singer-songwriter, performance artist and writer.

Below are some stills from the video:

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